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 Refresh Time!

It's about time I finally start to do something new with this website. I've learned repeatedly in my daily work, the best time to start is yesterday, but now is a fine alternative.

Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. The new side navigation links (under '- Tech -') don't go anywhere yet, but they soon will show the things I'm spending my own time on these days. Until then, I'm starting simple. One page at a time.

When I started this website way back in the last decade of the 1900s, I had no idea what was next. It was a whole new world with only a fancy new hotmail.com email address!

Fast forward a few years and at the turn of the millenia (I don't recall the actual date) this domain (danlemire.com) and the first version of my website came to life. In 2005, I took the time to build a fully valid, progressively enhanced Pure CSS layout based HTML, CSS and website with absolutely no tables for layout. The bones are actually still the same. This website has had the same html, css and javascript for 15 years and that part still works.

Great architecture and technology can do wonderful things, and that is one of the many topics I would like to address on this site. When I first built this website, it was built using scripts that run on Microsoft's IIS version 6. This page update does not yet leave the old ASP code behind, but this is the beginning of taking things further down the path of simplification to support future development.

All these years later, HTML still makes sense, and since it's simple, I can just write new code here. It's not fancy, but definitely gets the job done

I will admit that while the site has not changed at all really, the technology used to deliver it is dramatically different. Today I'm back to using a Microsoft tool, Visual Studio Code, and I'm using their new Github Co-pilot to help speed my progress in developing the code behind the site.

It's also delivered to you via the content delivery network. Cloudflare has helped me to solve for the changeover to the new HTTPS for all the things world where HSTS enables you to reliably ensure that the content you develop will find it's way to your visitor without compromise (security or ads).

So, if you're reading this now and links don't work... come back in a few days, and see if I've made the leap and see if I've linked one of new areas to share with you what I'm into. Until then, have a great day!